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While saving your natural teeth is always our highest priority, sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary. At Birchwood Dental, however, you can rest assured that your tooth extraction will be as stress-free as possible.

Tooth Extractions in Meridian

There are many reasons why a tooth extraction would be necessary, but the most common ones are:

  • Irreparably damaged teeth
  • Crowding
  • Infection
  • Preparation for an orthodontic procedure
  • Wisdom teeth

Whatever the reason may be, we will only pull the tooth if it’s in the best interest of your oral health. Should you need a tooth extraction, you can expect the procedure to go like this:


These images will help the dentist find out the best way to pull the tooth without impacting the surrounding teeth.


This can be accomplished through local anesthesia, laughing gas or both.


Once you’re comfortable, the dentist will remove the tooth. The actual extraction usually only takes a few seconds and is virtually painless.


You will be given a gauze to bite down on to let the blood clot form over the affected part of your gums. This can take 30 to 45 minutes. In the days that follow your extraction, it’s important not to disturb the blood clot. You should avoid straws, alcohol and drugs, intense exercise, and vigorous rinsing. It typically takes a few days for a full recovery, and in that time, you should use ice packs on the outside of your cheeks to reduce swelling, and gently rinsing your mouth with warm salt water to keep it clean. Try avoiding food that is chewy during this time. And remember to ask our dental professionals about replacing the tooth!

Birchwood Dental also offers wisdom teeth extraction. Wisdom teeth are the third row of molars that usually break through the gums (erupt) during your late teens or early twenties. This almost always causes crowding which can shift or rotate your teeth unnaturally. To avoid this, we recommend removing the wisdom teeth as early as possible.

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Review from Madi Voyles
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Five stars

Madi Voyles

Great experience at Birchwood Dental! Beautiful new office! Love the TV on the ceiling in the exam rooms. Dr. Holdaway is very personable and informative. I highly recommend you check out Birchwood Dental!!
Review from Gabi Voyles
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Five stars

Gabi Voyles

Dr. Holdaway is extremely good at explaining what and why for everything that he does. The office is beautiful and the ambiance is very relaxing.
Review from Sabrina Mitchell
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Five stars

Sabrina Mitchell

The dental office has obviously had a lot of thought put into it. It has very soothing decor, and the kids’ play area and Keurig makes waiting less of a hassle. The staff was very friendly and personable and helped make the experience more comfortable overall.
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Dr. Chris Holdaway
Dr. Holdaway is a caring, honest and respectful dentist who is focused on the best interest of his patients.

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