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A cavity is a small hole in a tooth that is caused by exposure to bacteria and plaque. Dental fillings are an effective method for restoring teeth with cavities or other damage.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Meridian

While cavities are typically not major concerns, if left untreated, they can lead to serious dental issues. Food particles and bacteria can use a cavity to enter the inside of the tooth. This can cause a serious infection that ultimately may lead to tooth loss. For this reason, cavities and other oral injuries should always be treated promptly.

Dental fillings can treat cavities and prevent further damage by sealing off the opening. This restores the structure and integrity of a tooth. After being restored with a tooth-colored filling, it will appear and function like any other healthy tooth.

In addition to their natural appearance, tooth-colored fillings are known for impressive strength and durability. They are also safe, as they do not release any unwanted substances into the body.

When placing a tooth-colored filling, we start by removing decay or existing filling material. Next, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. The filling material will then be applied directly to the tooth to seal off any openings. Once the area is sealed, the substance will be allowed to harden providing the tooth with structure and strength. Finally, the filling material is shaped and polished to give the tooth a desirable appearance.

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Review from Madi Voyles
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Madi Voyles

Great experience at Birchwood Dental! Beautiful new office! Love the TV on the ceiling in the exam rooms. Dr. Holdaway is very personable and informative. I highly recommend you check out Birchwood Dental!!
Review from Gabi Voyles
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Five stars

Gabi Voyles

Dr. Holdaway is extremely good at explaining what and why for everything that he does. The office is beautiful and the ambiance is very relaxing.
Review from Sabrina Mitchell
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Five stars

Sabrina Mitchell

The dental office has obviously had a lot of thought put into it. It has very soothing decor, and the kids’ play area and Keurig makes waiting less of a hassle. The staff was very friendly and personable and helped make the experience more comfortable overall.
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Dr. Chris Holdaway
Dr. Holdaway is a caring, honest and respectful dentist who is focused on the best interest of his patients.

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