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Also known as chronic bad breath, halitosis affects millions of people. While it can be an embarrassing problem, it is extremely common, and it can be treated!

Halitosis Treatment in Meridian

Halitosis is usually caused by bacteria trapped inside the mouth - on the tongue, between the teeth and underneath the gums. People often try to remedy the issue by using gum, mints and mouthwash. Unfortunately, these treatments usually mask the problem but do not solve it.

At Birchwood Dental, we will work to determine the exact cause of halitosis so we can solve the issue once and for all. In many cases, a professional teeth cleaning and tongue scraping will do the trick. Other times, if the issue is caused by the early stages of gum disease, scaling and root planing may be able to cure address halitosis effectively.

In the long run, the most effective method for preventing bad breath is to practice good oral hygiene at home. This means brushing and flossing regularly to prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria. We can review proper brushing and flossing practices for those experiencing chronic halitosis.

There are rare cases in which halitosis is caused by an underlying medical condition. If we believe this is the case, we will refer the patient to their physician.

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Review from Madi Voyles
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Madi Voyles

Great experience at Birchwood Dental! Beautiful new office! Love the TV on the ceiling in the exam rooms. Dr. Holdaway is very personable and informative. I highly recommend you check out Birchwood Dental!!
Review from Gabi Voyles
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Five stars

Gabi Voyles

Dr. Holdaway is extremely good at explaining what and why for everything that he does. The office is beautiful and the ambiance is very relaxing.
Review from Sabrina Mitchell
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Five stars

Sabrina Mitchell

The dental office has obviously had a lot of thought put into it. It has very soothing decor, and the kids’ play area and Keurig makes waiting less of a hassle. The staff was very friendly and personable and helped make the experience more comfortable overall.
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